Neufreistadt in Second Life, on SL-Inspiration

Neufreistadt is a very well constructed location in Second Life that is a pleasure to visit, offering many opportunities for photographers. For the casual traveler there is everything here, from residences, shops, an art gallery, a monastery and more.

Another feature that makes this location distinctive is it's role in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. As its website explains;
The Confederation of Democratic Simulators is the oldest democracy in Second Life. Originally founded in 2004 as the City of Neualtenburg in the Anzere region, the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (C.D.S.) is now a five-region community operated by the citizens.
The CDS also has a Facebook page which along with it's website gives a good overview of all the activities on the sim.

Download The Jigsaw Puzzle

The above image I took whilst visiting Neufreistadt and used to create one of my Droste images (see the tutorial here on how to create a Droste image to see the result). I also thought I would share this picture as a jigsaw puzzle that can be downloaded for you to keep and play on the PC. Simply click here to download the zipped file and then double click the jigsaw icon once unzipped.

Your Own Image As A Jigsaw Puzzle

If you have a Second Life image you would like to share as a jigsaw then full details of how I can do this are included in the pdf document included with the download.

This jigsaw puzzle is a little challenging so grab a coffee and set aside around an hour to work on it, and enjoy.