SL-Feeds: The Best Feed For Second Life Blogs

When first starting out, bloggers can be full of enthusiasm and energy for their new blog, but that can diminish when they find that creating an audience is not always easy. Blogging about Second Life is a crowded market and it is difficult to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

This is why our sister site SL-Feeds was created. It is a place where your blog feed can be added along with a link to your latest post, and it also serves as a one stop place for audiences to find quality content.

SL-feed's Uniqueness

What makes SL-Feeds different from similar feeds is we don't just focus on fashion blogs, but on all Second Life related content. Each blog also appears separately and lists the latest eight headings from the blog. When the viewer holds their cursor over each heading a twenty word summary of the blog post appears letting them know if it is the content they want.

Supporting Bloggers

As well as including blog feeds we also offer a service where a quality blog image is added to the front page, and we also write a review of either the blog or a blog post. When this is circulated on the main social media websites it adds further exposure and much needed authority to the blog's author.

Because we all struggle from time to time to find the audience for our blog posts, SL-feeds can be a valuable asset to all Second Life bloggers.

To find out how your blog can be included on SL-Feeds visit the submission page, and to find out how we can further help you take a look at our advertising page for our unique support system.We cover a lot of ground to help make your blog more successful.