Second Life Photography Basics

I have been asked once or twice about how to take Second Life photographs, and whilst I consider myself far from an expert I decided it may be worthwhile creating a tutorial that at least covers the basics.

By following this slideshow anyone new to Second Life photography will be able edit settings in the Preferences window to enhance snapshots, then get the best configuration in the snapshot window, and finally learn some basic editing in Gimp.

Although you won't be an expert photographer by reading this tutorial, hopefully it will help to improve your snapshots and provide the essentials on which to develop your skills.

For those keen to become an expert Second Life photographer I would strongly encourage you to join the Facebook SL photography groups available, as well as Koinup.

For a larger view of the slideshow click here, or for full screen click the four headed arrow at the bottom of the slideshow window. The slideshow can also be downloaded as a PDF file.