Promote Your Blog Post With Sl-Inspiration

Sometimes when a carefully crafted blog post contains information you want to share with as many people as possible it is important to keep it as prominent as possible.  Facebook groups and Google+ are a good way of exposing your content to a wider audience, but with so many people posting to these groups your post can soon be lost in the crowd.

To run alongside our blog and location advertising opportunities, we at SL-Inspiration are excited to roll out a new concept in Second Life advertising. We now offer bloggers a way to promote a blog post of their choice on multiple blogs.

The two blogs your ad will run on are presently SL-inspiration and Metaverse Tutorials but we will be expanding this list as the concept develops.

How Does The Advertising Process Work?

If you look in the sidebar of this blog you will see a series of 'Featured Items from Sponsors', and this is where your ad will appear. When your ad is included here it is automatically added to Metaverse Tutorials at no extra cost. Simply contact me if you are interested in utilising this opportunity or go to the advertising page here for more information.

This is a great way to expand your reach to even more bloggers, customers and Second life residents, so we look forward to helping you bring your message to a wider audience.