How To Add A Default Export Or Save Folder in Gimp

Gimp is a remarkable open source graphics tool but there is one feature that some users find frustrating and clumsy. Whenever you want to take an image out of Gimp it will open a default folder for the image to be exported or saved to. It can be tedious continually navigating away from this folder to the location you would prefer to export to, but there is a way around this. Follow this short tutorial and you will be able to add folders to the export window for quick  and easy access.

1/  When you have finished manipulating the image in Gimp select File > Export As (Shift+Ctrl+E) and the export window will open.

2/  Navigate to the folder you prefer to export images to and select it from the list in the middle of the export window (an example is highlighted in blue, above).

3/ Now click the '+' icon to the lower left of the export window to bookmark the folder highlighted in red).

Once you've hit the '+' icon the folder will be added to the left of the export window (highlighted in green, above). Although Gimp won't automatically open this folder the next time you want to export or save a file, it will now be easily available. All you'll need to do is click the folder to export to it.

This is a simple tip to make exporting images and saving Gimp files much easier and will hopefully save you time navigating to your preferred folders. If you export or save files to more than one folder, you can repeat this process for each folder you use, and they will all be listed to the left of the export window.