Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle 2017

This year's Christmas jigsaw puzzle image comes from The Pulse, a club in Second Life owned by Anna and Gus Flannegan. Anna has done a wonderful job once more in setting up the club for the festive season, and if you would like to see it for yourself, simply follow the link above. The club offers spaces to explore, as well as providing some very photogenic areas. You can even catch me DJ-ing there (check the calendar here for times). To find out more 'like' and follow the Pulse Facebook page and keep up with what is happening there each day.

You can choose to play this jigsaw puzzle either on this page, or you can click the link below to download your own free copy to keep . If you choose to download the puzzle you will of course be able to solve it offline and at your own leisure. The downloadable version is a tad more difficult and comes with a festive tune to listen to as you solve it. The download is stored on Google Drive so you can be sure there's no nasty things included with it. Whichever you decide to do, enjoy your jigsaw puzzle, and have a very Merry Christmas from everyone at The Pulse and Lusus-art!

Download your free jigsaw puzzle here.