Merry Christmas Jigsaw 2019

Each year we like to say thank you to all of our blog and Facebook followers by creating a free Christmas themed jigsaw puzzle. The image for this year's puzzle was taken at Pemberly, a very picturesque sim brimming with a wintery and festive atmosphere. The description on Second life Destinations is quite detailed:
Step into a magical wonderland this holiday season, and feel the cold air dance across your face. Warm yourself with a mug of hot cocoa, as the frosted air pinks your cheeks and nose. Step away from the ordinary and feel yourself transform in the festive environment. Walk the winter paths, as you listen to the sounds of the frozen ground crackle under your boots, and lose yourself in the lights. Take a ride on the train, to relax, and to let the environment come to you. Take the ski lift up to the lodge, and warm up next to the crackling fire. Play a game with your loved ones as snow covers the ground outside. Whatever you find yourself doing at 'The Forest' this holiday season, you will surely feel the magic at every turn

Once you've finished exploring Pemberly the jigsaw puzzle can be played below. To view fullscreen, click the icon at the bottom right of the puzzle. 

To have your location or venue highlighted as a SL-Inspiration jigsaw puzzle, and shared with the Second Life community, send a notecard with details and a landmark to Lusus Saule.

Finally, we'd like to wish all of our followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we thank you for all of your support!