Affinity Designer Paper Cut Assets



In plenty of time for Valentines Day and beyond I've been working on a set of  paper cut effect assets for Affinity Designer that can be downloaded for free. They can be used in both personal and commercial projects, as explained fully in the included PDF.

If you don't presently own this software, I'd heartily recommend heading over to Affinity's website and downloading a free trial. Due to the Covid pandemic Affinity are kindly offering a 3 month trial period on all three of their software packages, as well as other items in their store.

Whats Included In The Paper Cut Assets For Affinity Designer

Included in this download are two Affinity files that contain the paper cut flowers. One set of flowers are noncoloured, so you can easily add your own and make the flowers unique to you.

The second Affinity file contains coloured flowers that can be used as is. 

There is a third Affinity file, and that contains the Valentines image seen above.

The fourth file also included is the set of assets.  Installing both the coloured and non-coloured flowers as assets to Affinity Designer means paper cut designs can quickly and easily be created by dragging each flower from the assets window onto the canvas area. There are also flower components such as petals and flower centres, to enable you to make your own flowers almost from scratch.



To grab these flowers to use in your own designs, click the Gumroad button below, scroll, add your preferred price (or 0 if you're broke), then hit the 'I want this' button

How To Install The Assets File

Installing assets in Affinity Designer is very easy. If you're unsure what to do, just follow these steps.

 1/ With Affinity Designer open, make sure Assets is the active tab to the top right.

2/ If you can't see the Assets tab, select View > Studio > Assets and it will appear.

3/ Click the four horizontal lines icon to the right of the Assets tab.

4/ From the drop down list select Import Assets.

5/ Navigate to the location of the asets file on your PC. Select it, then hit Open.

6/ It may take a few moments, but you should soon see the paper cut flower assets under the Assets tab, and ready to use.

Enjoy your new Affinity Designer assets and have fun creating new and brilliant designs.