SL-Inspiration Has Transformed


If you've got to this page, you're probably aware that SL-Inspiration is presently transitioning to
This decision was taken because I have been running a number of platforms, including a few YouTube channels, and it became confusing for everyone (including myself), to have content spread over so much space.
The original idea of setting up different platforms was to keep the content of each one streamlined, but this seems less relevant now, especially as SL-Inspiration was spreading beyond simply Second Life content. Its always been the case that ideas were taken from outside of Second Life and made to be relevant, but that no longer feels necassary.
Here at Lusus-art, we'll still be providing the same content as ever, but that content will now include more than what was mostly tutorials. We'll be developing a wider interest in graphics and design , as well as art and other related topics.
Hopefully any changes here won't seem too drastic for regular visitors, and we also hope all the new content will be appreciated. 
Don't forget to change your bookmarks, and see you back here soon!