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Easter Bunnies Jigsaw Puzzle

This year's Easter jigsaw puzzle image comes from the Easter Bunny Trail at Aquamarine Island and is being held to support a young boy with autism under the title of 'The Little  Engine Who Can".

About The Little Engine Who Can

This is the information you can find about 'The Little Engine Who Can' on the trail:
 The little engine who can started out of our want to help others and give back in a more personal way, and raises funds to donate to local autism charities important to the larnia family. The decision came from watching a family member in need, our 5 year old nephew Dylan, who is an amazing little guy who has autism, and so has some special needs and circumstances that need to be met.
The concept of the trail itself is of course to have fun and celebrate Easter by helping the Easter Bunny to search for his lost eggs, and there are 22 to find in total, each filled with free prizes. At the end of the trail there's also a special prize!

About the Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle can either be played and solved on this page below by dragging and placing the pieces in their correct position. Get comfy before you start though because there's 180 pieces which may challenge some players.

If you prefer you can also download a free version of the jigsaw puzzle to own and keep. The file is stored on Google Drive so you can be sure it doesn't contain anything malicious! Simply download here and enjoy!

More About Dylan And Who The Money Is Going To Help

There is quite a lot of information on the trail, which you can also read here:
Dylan is our 5 year old nephew who has autism, he is a wonderful and special little man with a zest for life, who loves trains and playtime and being with others and family. Autism means Dylan has to learn in different ways, and has needs to be met that might be outside what others usually have to deal with. We have always strived to help him in our real lives as much as we can, and when a need arrose to create a charity idea that really spoke to us here at larnia and on second life, the little engine who can was born. The train represents Dylan's love for trains, and the colors and puzzle pieces are symbols of autism and autism awareness.

Donating to the little engine who can means you are helping charities in our local area that directly help families and children dealing with autism, their needs and therapies, and events to help raise money and awareness to help them out in the community.

 How Can I See Where The Money Is Going?

At we will be posting transactions for any donations made through our program, with amounts and where the money is being donated. We've decided on a threshhold of 50$, so each and every time we raise money through second life and other means, it will be donated at the end of the event, or after a product has been sold for the charity, and the donation and linden conversion posted and shown on the blog. When a threshhold has not been met, the amount raised toward that goal will be posted on the blog as well.

Keep in mind, that the little engine who can is a brand new project, and a work in progress. Awareness of the program through our various events and products will take time, and things may have to be tweaked or worked on to make the program the best that it can be, but larnia is very passionate about autism awareness and helping those in need, and we are committed to making a long lasting, helpful and transparent charity program through the little engine who can.

If you have any further questions about the little engine who can, Dylan's story or how larnia deals with donations, please contact Heath Pevensey.

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