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Happy Halloween

The below image is a Halloween 360 degree panorama created in Second Life and hosted on Momento360. We created it to say Happy Halloween to all our loyal friends and followers,and for everyone to enjoy and share. Use your mouse to rotate and turn the image, and for an even better look, view fullscreen.

If you like this image then why not follow us on Facebook and bookmark this blog. We always appreciate those follows, YouTube subsciptions and bookmarks. Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

This years' Halloween jigsaw puzzle is based on the brilliant Uri jefferesons freakshow. The detail of this creation is superb and has the feel of the real thing, especially with the imaginative avatars wandering around and doing their freaky things. It also offers free roleplay for those who want to dive in and be part of the show. The landmark profile says all you need to know:
 For Halloween, journey back in time to the days of old Freakshows, showcasing the deformed, the macabre, the freaks of nature in this 5th year of this truly amazing show.

Follow the link above to visit this location, then come back to solve the jigsaw puzzle below. View a fullscreen version by clicking the bottom right corner of the puzzle. Enjoy your Halloween jigsaw puzzle and have fun exploring Uri Jeffersons Freakshow.

There are lots more jigsaw puzzles here, and if you enjoy them, you can keep up to date with us on Facebook .


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Free Halloween Poster Templates Download

If you're planning a Halloween event and need a poster to promote it, we have three designs you can download, edit and use how you see fit. Each poster comes as a PSD or Gimp file to be used in the appropriate software. There is also an SVG file containing the elements that make up the posters so they can be edited and added to your own designs.

Below are the three posters which can be viewed full size by clicking on them. They have been designed not to lose any quality by fitting a Facebook post without being resized.

Also included is a set of Halloween themed fonts. Although they weren't created by us, they are free and come with the designers license agreement.

The zipped files can be downloaded here. The files are stored on Google Drive so you can be sure they don't contain anything nasty. 

A Note About The PSD Files

These posters were created using Affinity Designer and exported as PSD files. However, as we don't use Photoshop we can't view them. For this reason there may be small issues, namely that the text layers will appear as an image layer. This can easily be replaced using the font files (or already installed fonts) included with the download. The Gimp files should be fine.

A Note About Installing Fonts

Some time back Windows updated what folder newly added fonts are installed to, which meant only someone with administrator rights on the PC could access them. To allow anyone using the PC to use the fonts, right click on the font file you're installing, then from the drop down list select install for all users.

If you don't see some fonts available when using Photoshop or Gimp this will probably be the reason why, so you may need to re-install them following the above steps.

We hope you'll make good use of these posters to promote your event, and if you like them, make sure you follow our Facbook page, bookmark this blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We appreciate all the support we recieve.

Happy Halloween to all of our followers!
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