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Adding Multiple Landmarks To A Second Life Image With Gimp

Happy Hippo Building School SL-Inspiration YouTube Channel Ivory Tower Library Of prims Linden Dept of Public Works Portal Park

This is an update to an older SL-Inspiration tutorial called Adding Multiple Slurls To A Second Life Map, and is intended to accompany the video tutorial on the SL-Inspiration YouTube Channel. The information here is added to support the video, and to show a working demonstration of how the landmarks added to the image work.

To try out a landmark, click on a section of the image above. Each section is clearly labelled with the name of the Second Life destination. If you are already logged into Second Life clicking on a landmark will open the Places Profile window for the destination. If you are not logged in, clicking on a landmark will open your viewer.

Try out the above landmarks then consider how something similar might work for visitors to your blog or website. How to set this up is shown in the video tutorial which you can see here, or you can view the video at the bottom of this page.

If you find the tutorial on YouTube useful, help us by liking it and subscribing to our brand new channel. Your support means a lot and will help us to keep producing video tutorials, as well as more posts here on the blog.

About The Landmarks

The information below describes the landmarks added to the image above and is taken from the Second Life destination guide.

Happy Hippo Building School

The Happy Hippo Building School is a long-term, well-respected and large school. The instructors provide a building course to take you from absolute beginner onward.

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

This self-guided, self-paced, comprehensive building tutorial also includes a weapons testing area and safe sandboxes where you can try out your newly-acquired skills.

Linden Department of Public Works

Meauxle Bureaux is the home of the Linden Department of Public Works, a program focused on improvements related to the experience of living in and visiting the Linden Mainland. This intricate build was lovingly crafted by resident experts for all to enjoy, so come see the ultimate in shared creative spaces!

Portal Park

The Portal Park is your launching pad to several great experiences in Second Life. Start here for easy access portals that will teleport you to Winter Wonderland, The Cornfield, The Wilderness, Linden Realms and more!

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