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How To Add Meta Tags To Blogger

Adding meta tags is an essential part of optimizing a blog for search engines, and therefore improving website traffic. The meta tags or (meta data) won't be visible to your readers as they're added to the Blogger template, but having them in place is important for the success of your blog.

There are three types of meta data; description, keywords and author. Whilst the description is most important adding all three types is pretty much the same process and can be done at the same time.

Since adding meta tags will involve editing the blog template, before starting download a backup just to be safe.

1/  First go the the dashboard of your blog and click the theme option (see above image).

2/ Hit the Edit HTML button to view the blog template.

3/ Now copy the meta data tags below:

4/ Near the top of the blog template in the header section there should already be a line of text similar to the first line above. delete that code and paste the above in its place.

5/ In the first line of the meta data (underlined in red above), replace 'Your description here' naturally enough with a description of the blog. Try to add something that summarises the blog well because it will appear as a fragment in search results and in Facebook and Google+ etc.

6/ In the keywords section, (underlined in green), replace 'Your keywords here' with the words that cover the subjects of the blog. It is important to remember not to add the keywords in the description section because search engines might block the blog as it could be considered spamming.

7/  In the section underlined in blue replace 'Admin' with your name. Adding your name to the meta data  is entirely a matter of choice, but it does help if you'd like it to appear in search results.

8/ Now hit the Save button on the template page and the meta data will be added to your blog, and with luck search engine results should be greatly improved.
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